Adelaide Magic Theatre at The Lost Dice

Until March 17


You know things might get weird when to get to a magic show you take stairs to the third floor of an old building in the centre of the city and find you’re in small room with a sold out crowd of just 30 people.

Sam King invites us into his world of magic and absurdity – and makes sure we’re all close enough to smell the peanuts in a Snickers bar.

There’s no hiding for him as a performer, or us as his audience in this space. And it’s exactly what he wants as he takes us through a show of up-close magic tricks and humour.

King has a naturally charming manner, but it’s underpinned by a skittish energy as he controls the pace of his performance based on audience reactions. This approach means he can keep his crowd ever so slightly on edge, at times wondering if particular moments are actually part of the show.


With lots of laughs and audience participation he pulls off some amazing sleight of hand, while building a wider narrative. Mystery, conspiracy, nefarious presences…there’s a lot wrapped into the hour in his company, and it never feels like King’s lost control of what he’s doing.

If you’ve never seen magic this close before; or wanted a magician who deals in bigger mysteries than simply making the right card appear, put Sam King: Tricks and MORE Stuff on your Fringe to-do list this year. He’s a real talent, and he’s making his mark in pop culture.


4 out of 5 stars


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