With Max & Ali in the Morning on Mix102.3, we are embarking on a rescue campaign for 8-year-old Adelaide boy, Sammy.

Sammy has an inoperable brain tumour and there’s nothing more the doctors can do. With only months to live, he’ll never get to fulfil his dream of becoming a police officer and working with police dogs.

It’s a heart-wrenching story that will move you to tears – a brave little boy and a mum who would do anything to give him more time.

Sammy’s mobility is deteriorating, and he becomes exhausted easily, but Max & Ali want to give him his final wish, a day in the life of a police officer.

And Adelaide has rallied to make this happen!

There are three celebrity “criminals” on the loose in Rundle Mall and Sammy has been tasked with bringing them in. With the help of a trained police dog, Sammy will need to locate and apprehend Reilly O’Brien (Adelaide Crows), Alex Carey (Australian Men’s Cricket Team), and Guy Sebastian!

WE need YOU to rally around our boy in blue as he fights crime in Adelaide! Grab your colleagues or your family and join us in Rundle Mall from 12:30pm-1:30pm on Tuesday 14 May to be there to support Sammy!


You’ll also get to enjoy a sneaky performance from Guy Sebastian! What a way to spend your lunch break!

If you can’t make it to Rundle Mall, keep your eyes on the sky between Angle Vale and Adelaide Oval from 11:40am until 12:00pm! Look out for the Police helicopter, hold up a sign, and wave wildly so Sammy can see you!




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