What are you doing there Mr. Moo?

Yes, it seems it’s not only Mr. Smith that would do anything for publicity; The Bullock (the name they use for a young desexed male cow) decided to go for a cheeky piddle in a nearby swimming pool.

He was greeted by the entourage of Firemen that your Nan or – god help you – Mum would only dream of!

This operation in particular required some very “heavy equipment” – and I’m not just talking about the Firemen – but the giant ‘F*@% Off’ crane required to get the sorry Bullock out of the pool!

You must wonder, how does someone begin to get a cow out of a dilapidated swimming pool? Well, “the plan of action was to feed webbing strops under the [bull] after getting him in the corner of the pool, then bring in a telehandler and lift him out supported comfortably,” which the did so indeed!

And it’s with this cunning, and a crane that can support the 600kg bull that we saw our little (big) young Bullock get to safety…


It feels weird saying Bullock.

Credit: Pedestrian.TV

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