Adverse weather conditions persist in South Australia, targeting Adelaide on Tuesday morning. The impact is substantial, with over 14000 households grappling with power outages amidst the onslaught of heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. The city’s streets transform into temporary waterways, and trees succumb to the ferocity of the storm.

The severity is most pronounced around Ashford Hospital, Plympton, and Mile End, leaving approximately 3000 properties without electricity. Despite efforts by SA Power Networks to restore power to 13,000 households, challenges persist. The turbulence extends to Adelaide Airport, causing flight delays.

Tuesday’s forecast forewarns of ongoing thunderstorms, anticipating a further 20mm of rain before giving way to clearing skies in the afternoon. The preceding night and Monday evening witnessed a barrage of large hailstones, damaging winds, and intense rainfall, prompting numerous interventions by the State Emergency Service. The storm’s wrath extends beyond Adelaide, affecting Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Jamestown, Peterborough, and Olary.

Weather predictions for Adelaide over the next six days indicate a fluctuating pattern:

  • Tuesday, November 28: Mostly cloudy with showers, intermittently heavy. SE/SW winds. Min – 12. Max – 21.
  • Wednesday, November 29: Mostly sunny with SW winds. Min – 14. Max – 23.
  • Thursday, November 30: Mostly sunny with SE/SW winds. Min – 13. Max – 25.
  • Friday, December 1: Mostly sunny with SE/SW winds. Min – 13. Max – 25.
  • Saturday, December 2: Mostly cloudy with S’ly winds. Min – 13. Max – 25.
  • Sunday, December 3: Mostly sunny with SE winds. Min – 12. Max – 26.
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