I’m the BIGGEST performing arts enthusiast there is, and I’m MELTING at the thought of a DEDICATED streaming platform for the best performing arts spectacles from Australia and across the globe on my humble screens!

Enter, Theatrix (like ‘Theatrical’ – I know, clever!)

Theatrix is being developed by South Australian entrepreneur and artist Jamie Harding – It’s AUSTRALIAN!

Through their offering, “Theatrix will support the long-term sustainability of the arts and creative industries, providing a major solution to the recent losses in industry revenue, audience participation and viewership.”

Theatrix exists to bring the incredible gift of live performance to online audiences across the world, whilst bringing true innovation to our industry. We’re thrilled to be doing that from South Australia!” Harding exclaimed.


They’re working to bring new ways for all of us to access the arts! Which I am SO FOR! They’re developing a unique entertainment model that showcases creative and artistic mediums such as theatre, comedy, circus, dance, film and music events. I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t been done before?

Theatrix will bring a larger focus on content from world-leading locations to people’s home at a cost-effective rate, creating a more accessible way for theatre fans, past and present, to experience the magic of the stage. They’ve got partnerships with industry leaders and some of the world’s biggest artists and content studios “providing unmatched 4K streaming.”

There’s no official date to when the platform will launch to consumers, but would you subscribe to Theatrix?

It has my vote! You can support Theatrix by visiting their page here. Share your input!

And do me a favour, tell your friends about it! I can’t wait to sign up!