The initial target was state government agencies, then the public sector, and now they’ve crossed a line. The Russians are delving into state secrets of the highest order, and I find it unacceptable. Their latest endeavour allegedly involves one of our state’s most iconic and secretive entities— Port Power.

According to The Advertiser’s Chief Russian Sports and Cybercrime expert, Simeon Thomas-Wilson, Port Adelaide is currently investigating claims of a Russian ransomware group hacking its internal IT system. However, the Power assures that members’ information remains unaffected.

As a lifelong Port Adelaide my initial thoughts are… How dare they.

But I’m also left questioning the motive behind this intrusion. What could Putin possibly seek from the mob in Alberton? Perhaps they aim to discern the difference between Jason Horne-Francis and Miles Bergman or, more amusingly, tap into the power of ’80s ballads to captivate the masses.

On a more serious note, if the Russians are researching how to overcome a superficial yet formidable foe, Kochie’s men have it covered. They’ve successfully navigated Eddie McGuire’s determined opposition to Port wearing the prison bars.

Fortunately for members, their data remains secure in the most Port Adelaide way possible—in ‘Area 119,’ the facility safeguarding the Footy Park tarps. Now, if the Russians truly want to apply their hacking skills beneficially, perhaps they can uncover why the Crows persistently lose players and possess a premiership window that never seems to open.

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