The Virago, Gluttony, Feb.20 – March 10


While Rachel Vidoni is the star of this show (and rightly so), the band, the back-up singers and the dancers deserve a mention too.

This was not just a singer with her band, this was a full show with a talented 4 piece band, a couple of back-up singers, great use of props, crowd engagement, and 2 dancers . I’m not sure how much the 2 dancers cost Rachel, but they were worth every cent (even if one of them looked like our very own Ali Clarke!).

As Rachel said, it would be impossible to fit every song into an hour but she managed to fit in as many as possible (I counted 8) in a 10 minute melody to start with and kept churning out all the big songs after that. “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, “Get Back”, a slightly different version of “Something” and “Hey Jude” (accompanied by crowd sing-along) were some of the many highlights but the stand outs for me, were the 2 songs that showed off her very impressive voice (and the 2 back-up singers talents) – “Yesterday” & “Help”. Those 2 songs alone are worth the price of admission and goose bumps are guaranteed!

“Hey Jude” was sung half way through and, as Rachel mentioned, it is normally the last song in a Beatles set and for me, probably should have been in this set. They finished with “The End”, whilst obviously appropriate, it felt a bit anti-climatic.

That was the only thing I would change, in what was otherwise a perfect night for Beatles fans (we even get a phone call from John!) and music fans in general.



4.75 out of 5 stars


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