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FLIGHT, the production by Darkfield, presents a unique challenge for reviewers due to its highly individualised experience for each audience member, a characteristic shared with other Darkfield productions. The immersive setting immediately transports attendees into the atmosphere of air travel, eliciting a genuine sense of anticipation akin to boarding a real flight. Exiting the experience, one may find themselves momentarily disoriented, wishing they were indeed embarking on a journey rather than returning to their daily routine.

Picture yourself confined within the narrow confines of an economy seat, the tight space inducing a palpable sense of claustrophobia. However, unlike a typical flight, there is no destination to anticipate. Instead, attendees are subjected to 25 minutes of darkness and unsettling sensations, including intermittent rocking of the chair and disconcerting binaural 360-degree screams echoing in their ears from noise cancelling headphones.

Navigating the narrative of Flight proves to be a challenge, with moments of confusion leaving audience members questioning the intended thematic direction. Is this an exploration of limbo? A descent into a personal hell? The disjointed experience leaves viewers unsure if they are meant to keep their eyes closed or open, further detracting from immersion as sporadic bursts of lighting disrupt the illusion.

Regrettably, FLIGHT falls short of the high expectations set by previous Darkfield productions. While the immersive setting effectively captures the essence of air travel, the disjointed narrative and sporadic elements detract from the overall experience, making it one of the weaker entries in the Darkfield portfolio.



2.5 out of 5 stars


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