The Kingfisher at Gluttony – Rymill Park

Until March 17


It’s a balmy night at Gluttony. People are out for a good time, eating, drinking, and laughing with friends under the lights. Adelaide is once again easing into its Fringe groove. It feels like the party will never end.

Not for us though. We’re leaving the merriment behind, walking into a tent…and being confronted by a screen proclaiming YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE!

Welcome then, to The Dark Room.

What happens in the next hour depends on us. Guided by John Robertson through his text-based video game, members of the audience make decisions based on the choices on-screen. It is 60 minutes of absolute bedlam, with chaos levels cranked to 11 and no real sense of what might happen next.


Robertson himself is a force of nature – he’s ringleader, principal, cheer squad, best friend, and worst enemy all at the same time. A one man riot, he’s encouraging one second, and ripping the absolute mickey the next. As he selects people to ‘play’ the banter flies. It’s all good natured, very funny, and the language can get wild (you have been warned).

He’s a sensational host, quick off the cuff and ready to roll with whatever the audience gives him, from recycling to dolphin behaviour, to firefighters and digital marketing on our night. The Dark Room is a place to just go with the flow and let whatever happens, happen. And what usually happens is lots of laughing.

You’ll die again and again as you try to escape, but why would you want to? John Robertson: The Dark Room captures the real spirit of the Fringe– freewheeling, chaotic and just waiting to be discovered.

Leave the light behind. You won’t regret it.


5 out of 5 stars



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