Introducing alc-eze. A miracle vitamin filled with all the good stuff to stop you from waking up with all the crappy hangover symptoms!

Combining the power of Nashi Pear with 20+ science backed ingredients, alc-eze boosts essential enzymes to accelerate the detoxification process, protect your liver, boost energy, focus & mental clarity.

How do it work you ask? Well, After drinking, your body converts alcohol (ethanol) into a toxin called acetaldehyde i.e. liquid hangover. Your liver uses the enzyme ALDH2 to convert acetaldehyde to acetate which your body can then break down. alc-eze boosts natural production of ALDH2 to accelerate the detox process, while repairing and protecting your body.

Pop a few before drinking and ta-daaa!

Please read all the information on the alc-eze website and/or check with your doctor before consuming to ensure this is a suitable product for you.

Source: alc-eze

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