I’ve held a firm belief for much of my life that delectable creations based on popular television characters SHOULD BE HELD TO SCRUTINY!

It’s so easy to botch a character! If we wouldn’t turn a Bubble-O-Bill into a TV character, lets not turn TV Characters into ice cream shall we?!

… Why can’t I stop thinking about the potential of a Bubble-O-Bill TV series now? Huh. ANYWAY!

Aldi in the UK have released some Peppa Pig Ice Creams – Simple enough! Kids love ice cream…

Well I’m sorry, but I’m not letting this ‘VERY HAPPY’ Peppa Pig anywhere near my children!

Peppa Pig might have a Sch-long history of bringing joy to kids, but this is not the kind of ‘excitement’ I need around the home.


Where was Daddy & Mummy Pig when this was being thought up!?

Nothin’ but a bunch of silly sausages. Take that as you will.



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