Congratulations team!

The Adelaide Thunderbirds have lifted a national netball league trophy for the first time since 2013.

The team in pink defeated the NSW Swifts 60-59 in an extra time thriller that secured them their fifth title that had viewers on the edge of their seats.

This comes after Premier Peter Malinauskas gave promising news about an upgrade for the Thunderbirds’ stadium.

“We are looking at what we want to be able to achieve as a government in respect to netball and there’s a few things we are working on,” he said.

“There’s clearly a need for an actual facilities solution down at Mile End because there’s a stadium that isn’t up to scratch at the moment and we want to solve those problems.”

“But I see the problem around community netball and the unavailability of a decent stadium being a higher priority to my team.”


In recent years The Thunderbirds’ home at Netball SA Stadium has made headlines with how it isn’t up to scratch.

Games have been stopped due to the roof leaking, an unsafe court surface and power outages.

So these recent comments from the Premier and a title win will surely mean a revamp for the Thunderbirds’ Netball Stadium in the near future!

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