In an incredibly brave revelation on air this morning, Ali Clarke invited us along on a deeply personal journey on which she’s about to embark.

For the past few weeks, we’ve followed the emotional stories of Nicole and Bronwyn, two  women who embarked on the quest to find their biological fathers, taking us along with them on the way. Today, Ali  cast an entirely new light on the stories, revealing her own deeply personal connection.

Ali told us that the true identity of her biological father remains a mystery, while paying tribute to her stepdad, whom she calls ‘Dad’.

“He’s been on the scene since I was three or four and married Mum, I think when I was five… But my biological dad, I’ve never ever known,” Ali said on the Ali Clarke Breakfast Show this morning.

In the studio to share the moment was Nicole, whose father The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show helped track down just a few weeks ago.

In a moment of candor, Ali expressed her trepidation about the journey, not for the revelations she may uncover about herself, but for the potential impact on her loved ones.

“The first step is obviously talking to Mum and dad… and I spoke to them. So I’ll talk to you about tomorrow, about the steps that we’re going to take together as a family and we can go from there”.


As Ali embarks on this journey, she is not just seeking answers about her past, but also filling in the missing pieces of a medical history that might impact her and her family in the future.

You can listen to the brave moment from The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show podcast here: