It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt… Contestants of Netflix’s real-life rendition of ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ are considering legal action over the injuries they endured while filming.

The hit Korean series was transformed into an actual competition by the streaming giant, promising the highest cash prize in television history.

With each elimination, roughly AU$15,000 is added to the overall prize pot, which initially began just shy of AU$7 million. The series premiered on November 22, and already two anonymous contestants have threatened legal action against both Netflix and the show’s producers.

Through the mediation of British law firm Express Solicitors, they issued a statement claiming to have suffered hypothermia and nerve damage. “Contestants believed they were participating in something light-hearted, and those who were injured did not anticipate the extent of their suffering. They now find themselves with lingering injuries after enduring painful stress positions in freezing temperatures,” expressed Daniel Slade, the CEO of Express Solicitors.

Previously, Netflix confirmed that three of the 456 contestants required medical attention during the filming process. However, a representative for “Squid Game: The Challenge” refuted the existence of any pending lawsuit. “None of the Squid Game contestants have filed a lawsuit. We prioritise the well-being of our participants immensely,” the statement clarified.


Despite the potential litigation looming, the streaming platform maintains its commitment to ensuring the welfare of all contestants involved.

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