Umbrella Revolution at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Runs until 17th of March 2024

Where do I begin on this one? What a phenomenal show! To be concise, if you could only catch one Fringe performance, this would be my top recommendation. It’s truly worth every penny.

This production at the Fringe Festival distinguishes itself as a compelling blend of classic wrestling and theatrical storytelling, presented within an intimate setting in one of the festival’s smaller tents. Departing from conventional expectations, it offers a fresh interpretation of the Odin and Loki narrative, infusing it with a level of performance art that captivates audiences.

For someone like myself, whose exposure to wrestling had been limited to occasional glimpses of mainstream media such as WWE, the live experience proved to be a revelation. This production transcends mere physical displays of athleticism, delving into the emotional and psychological depths of its characters, and has sparked within me a desire to seek out similar shows alike it.

The narrative unfolds with theatrical finesse, seamlessly interweaving themes of family honour, love, and loss into the action-packed sequences. Utilising lighting, music, and atmospheric effects, each act is introduced with a palpable sense of anticipation, enhancing the overall immersion for the audience.

The cast is impeccably chosen, embodying their respective roles with conviction and skill. Notable performances include the portrayal of Loki, which balances moments of childlike exuberance with poignant displays of raw emotion, rendering the character both compelling and multifaceted.

The wrestling sequences themselves are executed with precision, showcasing the performers’ exceptional athleticism and agility. The choreography is executed with a level of professionalism that commands admiration, leaving spectators in awe of the physical prowess on display.


Beyond the stage, the actors demonstrate a genuine warmth and enthusiasm in engaging with audience members post-show. Their evident passion for their craft underscores the dedication and commitment that permeates the entire production.

In conclusion, this show stands as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling and physical expression. It offers an immersive and thought-provoking experience that entertains, resonates, and leaves a lasting impression. Whether one is a wrestling aficionado or simply appreciates riveting performances, this production is a standout highlight of the Fringe Festival and a must-see for all discerning audiences.

5 of out 5 stars


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