Ukiyo at Gluttony – Rymill Park

Until March 17


Somewhere in Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, Edith Piaf lies buried. And appropriately enough, this circus rom-com may have her rolling in her grave.

Because she could never, ever have imagined her most famous song being performed like it is in Space Between.

On a hot end to a hot long weekend, a happy crowd filed into Ukiyo and then spilled out with even bigger smiles. This acrobatic duo has come up with a show perfectly summed up by Lesh at the end: for people who love love – and being silly.

A simple set of a couch, rug, coffee table and a few props provides the platform for this ambitious idea to sketch out a romance from early infatuation to rockier moments using circus skills, but Space Between manages to do exactly that.


Alex and Penny’s world is established impressively quickly, and it’s a fun place to hang out. Using the set and each other, these acrobats tumble, flip, jump and roll as they build their story. The physical skills are impressive, but both acrobats elevate the performance with the personality they give their characters.

As Lesh and Tom’s bodies fly and the fourth wall breaks, the characters’ story takes shape – and takes the audience along for the ride. The warmth and charm of the show are undeniable and the reaction at the end is completely earned by both actors.

Space Between may not grab headlines, but with its sense of mischief and its heart worn on its sleeve, this is a supremely entertaining time. I can only imagine Madame Piaf would agree.


3.5 out of 5 stars



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